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Why She Swims – Sara K.

Our “Why She Swims” blog posts feature interviews with real-life swimmers, just like you. 

A self-described artist at her core, Sara is a professional letter-carrier who has been swimming her entire life. She lives in the prairies of Saskatchewan and has traveled to many countries. 

What inspired you to start swimming?

I love the water even though I am an Earth sign. I swim for fitness, usually three times a week. I love swimming because it’s quiet and I can be alone even when I’m surrounded by lots of people. 

When I became a mom, there was a period when I swam less regularly because I was too tired or had no time. In this dry zone of my life, I would have dreams about these gorgeous pools of water or long swimming lanes that looked like bliss. I wouldn’t be able to get in the water because the pool was full or I couldn’t get into my suit fast enough. Something would stop me from reaching that bliss!   

What do you love about swimming?

I like the weightlessness and power I feel in my body, in my muscles. I feel alive and strong and beautiful, like a superhuman! I like the challenge of holding my breath and swimming underwater for as long as I can. I like the challenge of swimming like a dolphin or a mermaid. I like how my muscles work to channel me through the water.

What do you find challenging about swimming?

Where I live, there is only one pool good enough for lap swimming all year round and that is not good enough. Canada and Australia know how to build wonderful public pools with lap swimming at the forefront. I think things are changing though as more people realize the benefits of swimming for health and happiness!

Where’s your favorite place to swim?

I like swimming in pools when they are not too crowded, in clear ocean waters, or in small lakes where I can swim across and back again within an hour or so. 

What is your favorite See Her Swim swimsuit?

I like the Breaststroke suit best because it is so versatile with the wrap-around ties, you can make it match your mood. The ties also make it very figure-flattering. I fell in love with the Backstroke suit when I saw it on someone else. I knew I had to have that suit! I chose the garnet and sapphire because purple is my favorite color. My second favorite color is green so I also got the Backstroke suit in green and blue!

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