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Designer Morgan Filler has been in or on the water since her youth and has traveled the world as a competitive swimmer. She was a World Cup Champion Marathon swimmer, on the US National Open Water team, an Open Water Olympic hopeful, won a16 mile race in Japan, won the 28 mile swim race around Manhattan Island and swam the 21 mile Catalina Channel. She received a Certificate of Merit Award from the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. She was featured in a Discovery Channel show, “The Battle of the Sexes.” She’s also a coach, surfer, and a mother. 

Morgan was unable to find an attractive, comfortable and fashionable bathing suit that could be worn in different situations: on the pool deck with clients, surfing with girl friends, training during practice, and playing in the waves with her daughters. So she designed her own line in the Performance Chic category.

Her bathing suits are made out of stretch, recycled polyester that offers sophistication without compromising fashion and allows the suit to hold its shape longer than Lycra. These suits are made to stand up to the chlorine and sun conditions of swimming and surfing that make suits disintegrate quickly.

Designed and Made in California.

Please take a moment and browse the website. Send all questions to : info@SeeHerSwim.com

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