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Open Water Swim: Race Food

If you’re new to open water swimming or venturing further out into new bodies of water, it’s always helpful to think about the best ways to fuel your body for these adventures. Here are some food tips for before, during, and after an open water swim or open water race. 


Gradually start protein and carbo loading a few days before the race, not just the night before. You don’t want to be digesting two bowls of baked ziti at the start line.

A good pre-race breakfast is something hot that will warm your core, like oatmeal and a hot beverage. Tea can be easier on your stomach than coffee. Make sure to drink a lot of liquids since you won’t be carrying water with you during the race. 


Depending on the length of your swim, you might want to pack some fuel. Stash a GU or two in your wetsuit and roll on to your back when you’re ready to power up. 


Drink water! You can never go wrong with good ole H2O. Coconut water and Gatorade are great for quickly replacing electrolytes. As for food, it’s common to not be hungry right after a big swim. When you’re ready to eat, go for protein to rebuild muscle and help with your recovery. 

If you’re treat-motivated, stick something sweet – or salty! – in your bag to enjoy when you’re done. 

Pro tip: Find a spot in the shade to rehydrate and stretch so the lactic acid in your muscles will dissipate. You want to keep yourself warm, but out of the sun.

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