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Looking Ahead: Thoughts on the New Year

January is a popular time to do a bit of self-reflection and set a couple goals for the year ahead. See Her Swim founder Morgan Filler has some big plans for 2024, starting with doubling the amount of sales from last year, expanding into more brick and mortar stores and online shops, and partnering with other outdoor apparel brands.

If that’s not enough, See Her Swim has got a new suit in the works! See Her Swim loyalists asked Morgan for a suit with a higher neck to reduce sun exposure and she delivered. The Sidestroke is modeled after water polo suits, but with a front zipper that makes it more user friendly to get on and off. Look for it in solid colors and also fun stripes, like black and white. 

Reaching Out

Building community for herself and others is a big focus for Morgan this year. Professionally, she’s hoping to develop a support network and connect with other women entrepreneurs. Starting See Her Swim has been an incredible learning experience and a dream come true, but there’s always new hurdles around the corner.

Morgan’s challenged herself to organize two small (40 swimmers) open water swim events for youth and adults – families welcome! Small swimming events have a soft spot in her heart. “They are a beautiful way to connect with nature and to challenge yourself,” she says. 

She’s also looking for ways to meet new women and support them with their swimming. 

An experienced coach, she loves to help women set and train for goals – none too big or too small, from learning a new stroke, to completing a mile in the pool, to swimming in open water or improving a race time. 

“I want to encourage women of all sizes and ages to swim so they can feel good and enjoy the health benefits,” says Morgan. “And no matter when they started, I want to encourage women to have more fun with swimming.”

Finding Fun

One way to find fun with swimming is by picking out a swimsuit. Go with a bright color that will make you happy or find the best style option that accentuates and supports your body during whatever you love to do. See Her Swim fans can be found swimming and surfing, splashing around with kids in the waves or a pool or spending weekends trying active water sports like paddle boarding or kayaking. “Our swimsuits combine fun with performance,” says Morgan. “They’re designed to stay secure in the water so you can be free to move in any way you want, and they’ll last for years.”

Staying on Track

In her personal life, Morgan is prioritizing both physical and mental health this year. She wants to keep her weekly exercise routine going strong, swimming three days, and two days a week each of surfing and strength training. For mental balance, she writes in her gratitude journal twice a day, calls a friend once a week to catch up, and listens to coaches’ podcasts for inspiration and motivation. 

What are your goals for 2024?

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